Saskatchewan Solar Rebate in 2019-2020

Did you already hear that the federal government offers up to 25% rebate on solar in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick?

Would you like to understand how it works for you in Saskatchewan? The Climate Action Incentive Fund (CAIF) program is offered by the federal government based on Federal Carbon Pricing. The program covers the provinces of Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick. In 2019-2020 $30 Million were allocated for the projects in Saskatchewan.

CAIF supports small & medium businesses by covering up to 25% or $250, 000 of eligible expenses. 

What kinds of projects are eligible?

Any kind of renewable project! 

However, EV charging stations and electrical production for sale are not eligible. 

Important Notes

  • The funding is stackable with other funding sources such as the net metering rebate from SaskPower
  • The funding is covering many diverse project types so it will go quickly
  • First come first serve basis  

Does it look like you might be eligible? Here are more details:

  • The business must be incorporated in Saskatchewan and have fewer than 500 employees (Cannot be a partnership or limited partnership will need to have an applicable business number)
  • The project needs to be implemented no later March 21, 2021 
  • The same business can apply for up to 5 different projects with the same business but the rebate is capped at $ 250,000.00
  • Any costs incurred before receiving written approval are not eligible  
  • Agricultural applications are accepted as long as the farm is incorporated
  • Projects cannot be installed in a residential dwelling or building where a single residence comprises the majority of the floor space in the building
  • Applications are open until October 17th, 2019, or until funding runs out

What is covered?

Fully covered costs

  • Costs of material/supplies and installation
  • Licenses and permits
  • Leasing/purchase of new equipment related to project

Not Covered costs

  • Sales Tax
  • Land purchase

How can I participate?

Contact Solar Plantation, so we can model, estimate and start the application process on your behalf.

If you have any further question, feel free to contact our office.

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